About Go The Whole 9

Go the Whole 9 is a program of the St. Louis Arc.

The mission of the St. Louis Arc is to help people with developmental disabilities and their families by providing a lifetime of high quality services, family support and advocacy. The Arc offers a variety of programs and services for people living in the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan area. In June 2012, The Belle Center merged into the St. Louis Arc, creating a new division: Belle Children’s Services of the St. Louis Arc. Go the Whole 9 falls under the division of Belle Children’s Services of the St. Louis Arc.

For more information please visit www.slarc.org or call 314-569-2211.

The Arc is committed to providing education about fetal alcohol exposure. While most developmental disabilities are caused by genetics, alcohol use during pregnancy remains a leading preventable cause of problems related to brain development, including intellectual disabilities, and birth defects.

The St. Louis Arc expresses its gratitude to the Department of Mental Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and the United Way for financial support of this project.

What Does Go the Whole 9 Offer?


Free tool kits are available to educators and youth workers to teach about the harmful effects of alcohol on a developing baby. Each tool kit contains a taped version of our Interactive Presentation, a supplemental DVD produced by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration, a downloadable facilitator’s guide, handout materials, resources and web links to more information. Or, for a small fee, we can bring our interactive presentation to your group in the greater St. Louis Metropolitan area!

Resources for Families

The children and families affected by prenatal alcohol exposure may need specialized support. In such cases we are available to provide resources, referral, and possible support services in the greater St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Resources for the Community

An interactive booth designed to teach about prenatal alcohol exposure can travel to your community event, health fair, conference or school event. Along with the booth and materials, a trained facilitator will engage your audience in discussion and answer questions. This service is free. However, available dates and locations are limited.

Resources for the Media

As knowledgeable authorities on the subject of prenatal alcohol exposure, St. Louis Arc is always prepared to offer expert commentary and timely, accurate information to radio, television, print and online journalists. For media requests, please contact Kathleen Schue, Director of Communications and Public Relations for the St. Louis Arc at 314-817-2232.

To learn more about these services, please email Prevention Services, or call 314-817-2295 or toll free at 1-(877) Whole Nine.

Funding provided by Department of Mental Health Division of Behavioral Health