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Whether you are looking for resources to help a pregnant woman stop her use of alcohol, evaluation for a person exposed prenatally to alcohol, support for a person living with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, or assistance with providing education to others on the topic, we might be able to help.

Providing Education to Others

The St. Louis Arc offers FREE resources to assist in educating others about the important topic of the harmful effects of prenatal alcohol exposure. Toolkits have been developed and are distributed at no cost to classroom, health or community educators, with a target audience of teens and young adults.  Each tool kit contains a taped version of our interactive presentation, a supplemental DVD produced by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration, a downloadable facilitator’s guide, handout materials, resources and web links to more information.  Or, for a small fee we may be able to bring our interactive presentation to your group in person! To obtain a FREE tool kit or learn more about scheduling an interactive presentation, please email Prevention Services.